Schedule 6 – Other expenses; OPG fees, solicitors fees, caution premium etc.

  • If this is the first time you have completed the account you will need to tell us about all of the fees associated with obtaining the guardianship order
  • If legal or conveyancing expenses for the sale or purchase of property were incurred, remember to send evidence of this expense
  • Gifts approved in the management plan should be detailed in this section. If gifts were not detailed in the management plan, the gift will need approval, see our guidance and the application form .
  • You must send evidence along with the completed account
  • Remember to tell us, if it’s a year 2 or subsequent account, about any remuneration fee we awarded (VAT must be deducted from the amount we award) and any other fees charged and evidence of the caution renewal premium

Examples are provided below to show how this section should be completed for a: