When your appointment is at an end and we are satisfied with your final account you can apply to the Public Guardian to be discharged from your management of the adult’s property and financial affairs. We provide guidance on how to apply for discharge and a form which can be completed and sent to us. Please note that your discharge application should be made within three years of the date your final account was approved.

Once we have received your application we will send a copy to any interested parties, allowing them an opportunity to object. Please ensure that we have been notified of any changes of addresses. If you wish to notify us of an address change please complete our form and send to us as a matter of urgency.

If an objection is received from an interested party we will arrange a hearing with them to gather more information before reaching a decision. The Public Guardian may decide to grant the application, refuse it or refer the application to the Sheriff.

After the discharge application has been approved you will be released from your duties and liabilities from that date.