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 We provide a range of information and guidance on the financial provisions of the Adults with Incapacity (Scotland) Act 2000. All of our information, guidance and referral forms can be downloaded. 

Some of our publications can be provided in hard copy format and may be available in other formats on request. We subscribe to Language Line and to the text relay service - Relay UK, and welcome your feedback on the content of our publications.

 ‘What is…’ leaflet series

Please note that we are no longer able to provide multiple copies of this popular series of leaflets. Customers wishing multiple copies can either download or contact our print supplier directly to purchase leaflets.  

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If you wish to arrange and pay for an order, please contact  for further information. The following are indicative costs and exclude VAT: 

What is a power of attorney? Pack of 25 @ £29.29
Pack of 50 @ £51.08
What is access to funds scheme? Pack of 25 @ £29.29
Pack of 50 @ £51.08
What is guardianship order? Pack of 25 @ £21.00
Pack of 50 @ £34.50
What is an intervention order? Pack of 25 @ £21.00
Pack of 50 @ £34.50

When we receive your request we will forward it to our print supplier at The APS Group to respond to.