You said we did

Here at OPG we do take seriously the views of people who use our service. We have changed our service as a result of people letting us know their experience. Here are examples of what changes we have made and those we have agreed to work on.

You Said We Did Date
You needed a verification code to provide to your bank. We looked into this as we do not provide a verification code. After raising this with the bank, they agreed to issue a communication to their staff to confirm a verification code is not needed for Scottish powers of attorney.   October 2022
You were unclear about our uplifts process. We set up a working group, made up of professionals and our staff, to review the process to make it straightforward and transparent. The working group have developed a pro forma Uplift Application Form and are currently piloting this with professionals until the end of the year September 2022 
You were unable to find the table of fees and application form for Marsh bonds of caution. We reviewed our electronic caution information leaflet and inserted hyperlinks to the Marsh’s table of fees document and application form. June 2022 
You had to wait more than the 5 day target time for an initial response to your email enquiry. We updated our automated acknowledgement message to explain that there may be a delay in replying to enquiries due to staff shortages and summer leave. We also explained that all emails are assessed and the most urgent are prioritised and replied to within the 5 day target time.  June 2022
You had to pay for postage on documents that we issued to you as we did not pay enough postage. We issued refunds and apologised for the error. We have put extra checks in place to ensure the correct postage is paid on all our outgoing mail.  May 2022
You had difficulty opening the PDF for the change of address form. We created a new web page covering change of address and now provide a word document version and guidance if there is an error message when opening the PDF version. Mar 2022 

You were being charged a per-transaction fee of £4.05 by your card issuer for using our online power of attorney submission service.

We looked into this as we do not charge a fee for using our online service. After speaking to the payment-processing provider, changes were made to the merchant coding being used thus ensuring that charges would not be incurred in future.

Jan 2022