Inventory of estate

Now that you have been appointed you will be expected to provide us with documentation detailing the adult's property and finances that you have responsibility for.  The information that you provide will allow the Public Guardian to supervise your appointment and forms the starting point for your future accounting to us.

What is the inventory of estate?

The inventory of estate lets you tell us about all of the income, assets, expenditure and debts belonging to the adult. We provide guidance and a form for you to use. The letter sent to you along with your certificate of appointment will inform you of the date when the inventory is to be returned to us; this will be 3 months from the date your appointment was registered.

What other information might be required?

As well as sending the form to us, you will need to send supporting information. The information we need must be taken from the date you were appointed. You should refer to your certificate to find out the date of your appointment. However if you were given interim powers, the information we need will be from your earlier appointment date.

Examples of supporting information are:

  • bank / building society statements or a letter from them confirming the balance of any accounts held by the adult
  • letters or statements from benefit or pension providers
  • evidence of the values of any stocks / shares and or investments
  • evidence of any debts that existed at the date of appointment

When we receive your documentation, we will check it over. We might have to contact you before we can approve the inventory if, for example, clarification or further information is needed.

We provide worked examples to give you an idea of the information needed in the inventory of estate. If you require any further help with the forms please contact us. It would be helpful if you have your PG reference handy when contacting us. This can be found in our letters to you.

Is there a fee?

The Public Guardian charges a combined fee for checking and approving your inventory of estate and management plan. The fee can be paid from the adult's estate. The amount payable will depend on the total sum of the moveable assets e.g. bank / building society accounts belonging to the adult. The letter we send with your certificate includes the Public Guardian's fee schedule. In some circumstances we can waive the fee. You will need to complete a fee exemption form and send this to us.