Changes of circumstance

Change of address

You must inform us within 7 days if an adult or intervener changes address. Once we receive notification we will update our records. It is important that you provide us with up to date contact details, see the data protection section for more information.

If the adult or intervener dies

If the adult dies after the intervention order has been granted and prior to the completion of the intervention order, as intervener, you will be required to write to us as soon as possible and send a copy of the extract death certificate.

When we receive your letter we will:

  • Update the public register
  • Return the copy of the extract to you
  • Notify the local authority or Mental Welfare Commission where applicable.

If an intervener dies before the intervention order is completed, their representative should confirm this in writing to us. A copy of the death certificate should be sent to us along with the letter.

When we receive notification we will:

  • Update the public register accordingly
  • Notify the adult and the local authority