Making an objection

The Public Guardian is required to notify interested parties, including the adult when an application to access the adult’s funds is made. Those parties notified have the right to object to the application.

There are a number of reasons why an objection could be made, e.g.

  • you might think the individual who applied is not a suitable person.
  • you know that the adult is capable of managing his or her own financial affairs.
  • the amounts being asked for in the application form are not realistic.
  • there may be another less intrusive way of managing the adult’s money or you might consider that the arrangements already in place meet the adult’s needs satisfactorily.
  • you may be aware of the adult’s past or present wishes about how their finances are managed and want them to be taken into consideration by the Public Guardian.

 I want to make an objection

All objections must be made to us in writing. You should give as much information as you can and, where possible, enclose any relevant supporting documentation. We must receive your objections within 21 days from the date we write to you. We will provide you with more information when we receive your objection. It may be necessary to hold a hearing to obtain more information.