Our role

Our duty is to ensure that a person authorised under this scheme, i.e. a withdrawer, acts in the best interests of an adult with incapacity and that they carry out their duties properly within the scope of their powers. We are happy to provide advice and guidance to withdrawers in the exercise of their duties. We also maintain a public register of appointments granted under the access to funds scheme.

The Public Guardian has been given statutory powers to supervise withdrawers. To allow us to do this, withdrawers are expected to:

  • keep records and receipts of expenditure, as we may ask to see these as part of our auditing procedures. We provide useful guidance for withdrawers including a booklet to record their transactions.
  • provide an update to us on progress made and along with confirmation that the designated account is set up properly. We will write to ask for this information 6 months after we register an appointment.
  • The Code of Practice issued by the Scottish Government provides further information and guidance about the duties of a withdrawer.