EPOAR submission criteria to resume

Oct 31, 2023

Following the Covid-19 pandemic we relaxed the standards around submission accuracy for power of attorneys (PoA) submitted via the EPOAR portal. This resulted in additional work for staff but ensured fewer cases were rejected during the pandemic.

We can no longer continue to make amendments or insert missing data on behalf of the sender. Moving forward we will be reverting to our pre Covid-19 submission criteria. Submissions which do not meet this criteria will be rejected.

Key points to note are:

  1. Entering ALL TEXT IN CAPITAL LETTERS should not be used in EPOAR.
  2. The following examples of inaccurate or missing data will result in the application being rejected and returned for amendment:
    • Sole/joint/substitute attorney details not entered
    • Incorrect sole/joint/substitute attorney details entered
    • Incorrect details entered for the granter 
  3. If specified persons are not input we will proceed to authorise the application and specified copies will not be issued.
  4. Section 3.5 of the EPOAR terms and conditions state that the agent will ensure the data input on the EPOAR system is accurate. As a reminder, if any loss results from inaccurate data input the loss shall rest with the agent.
Thank you in advance for your cooperation.