Special Measures to continue

Aug 25, 2021

Guardianship & Access to Funds certificates of appointment

We continue to operate special measures to allow us to maintain services. We have staff working from home and in the office and the certificates of appointment they issue will look different:

  • Our home workers process and produce work electronically and the certificate of appointment they issue will be emailed to the appointed person. The certificate will bear the watermark crest and a statement explaining that the certificate has been issued electronically and that it does not have an embossed or adhesive seal. The appointed person i.e. a guardian or withdrawer (or their solicitor) will require to print the certificate in order to act on the powers. Please note that the electronic certificate of appointment is a proper extract and is as valid as those issued with the red seal.
  • Staff working from our office will continue to issue a paper copy of the certificate of appointment. This certificate is embossed and carries a red seal. The certificate will be sent to the appointed person in the post.

If you have a specific query regarding this news item please email guardianship enquiries to: and access to funds enquiries to:

Further information about our special measures can be found in the news item below: