Accessing Funds held in Child Trust Funds (CTF’s) or Junior Individual Savings Account (JISA’s) through the Access to Funds Scheme (Scotland)

Mar 17, 2021

We are happy to report that the Access to Funds Scheme (ATF) can potentially be used to close and transfer CTF’s or JISA’s to a bank account held in the account holder’s sole name where the funds are held in cash form. ATF can be used to open a sole account if no such account is available.    Please note the scheme is not suitable if the product is in the form of stock or shares i.e. (Stakeholder Accounts) - the relevant Provider (Fund Holder) should be contacted to verify this information.   

The fee for ATF applications relating to the closure of a CTF or JISA account will be waived.  Applications can be made to this office provided the account holder is habitually resident in Scotland.  Before making an application, applicants should contact a member of the ATF team on 01324 677140 or email to discuss their individual circumstances.