Update – Getting back to work

Jun 18, 2020

We are delighted to welcome around 30 staff back into our offices at Hadrian House this week. Although we are back working in the office, the building still remains closed to visitors.

Our office has been adapted to ensure that our staff can work safely, and in a socially distanced environment. This means that we now have some staff working from home, and some from the office. As we work through Scottish Government’s four staged/phased plan to transition out of lockdown, more staff will return to work which means we can get back to delivering our full range of services.

However, in the meantime please note that until we have a full complement of staff we will continue to process the following critical work:

  • Urgent Powers of Attorney e.g. powers are required for attorneys to act immediately to allow decisions to be taken;
  • New applications for intervention and guardianship orders, along with any urgent court orders;
  • Urgent Inventories of Estate, Management Plans and Applications for Consent in relation to heritable property;
  • Urgent annual guardianship accounts;
  • Access to Funds Applications

Please note that this list will be reviewed and added to over the next few weeks.

If you wish to contact us regarding an application etc. we are available from Monday to Friday between 9am and 5pm. If a piece of work requires urgent attention, please mark your email as URGENT in the email header, and provide details as to why the registration / processing is required urgently. 

General enquiries:

01324 678300

Power of attorney enquiries:

01324 678398

Access to funds scheme enquiries:

01324 677140

Guardianship enquiries - applying for an order:

Preparing an inventory, management plan, account, renewing authority etc.

01324 678396

01324 678397

Professional scheme accounts: