COVID-19 Further Measures

Mar 26, 2020

Earlier this week we advised our customers that we would be working on critical work only, and we asked that urgent enquiries be made via email, clearly marked as “URGENT” with an explanation for the urgency. 

Since that update, we have experienced an exponential increase in the number of requests for work to be processed urgently. This coupled with a further reduction in the number of staff available, has resulted in us having to again review and re-prioritise what we can do.

What is deemed urgent?

Continuing and Welfare Powers of Attorney (PoA)

PoAs that are to begin or continue in the event of a granter’s incapacity must be registered with us before the deed can be used. This applies even during these difficult times. Attorneys cannot act until the PoA is registered.

If a PoA is needed for peace of mind or to have it in place for the future, please note that these are not considered reasons for the PoA to be treated as urgent. This applies regardless of the granter’s demographics.

However, if for example the granter is in hospital and powers are required for attorneys to act immediately to allow decisions to be taken, we will process this request urgently, as this is most definitely a valid reason.

Other alternatives to having a PoA may be available to help when we can’t process a non-urgent PoA e.g. third party mandates. This option can give authority to carry out everyday banking transactions on someone’s behalf and may provide useful in the current climate, offering a temporary measure while a non-urgent PoA is waiting to be processed.

Help us help you, if the PoA is required urgently, please explain the reason as this will help us decide whether we can process it. Enquires should be emailed to

Please, only use this service if the PoA is required immediately.

These times are unprecedented, we understand the situation is far from ideal, and we are sorry for any inconvenience caused.

Intervention and Guardianship Orders

We are currently processing new applications for intervention orders and guardianship orders, along with any urgent court orders.

We will process any urgent inventories of estate, management plans and applications for consent in relation to heritable property.

All other applications including annual accounts are not considered to be urgent at this time given the current situation. We will not be considering any requests for interim remuneration at this stage, although we will review our position after Easter 2020.

However, if there is a real, critical urgency to process an application etc. due to extenuating circumstances please email and explain the reason. This will help us decide whether we can process the request urgently.

We are aware of concerns around the availability and timing of the required medical reports for new guardianship applications, and renewals. This has been flagged with Scottish Government, and we await a response, please check our website and twitter feed for any updates.

We have staff managing all of our mailboxes, therefore there is no need to send your enquiry to multiple mailboxes.

We are trying our very best to work in unusual circumstances, with limited resources, to ensure that the most urgent casework is prioritised and processed. We will continue to review the position and keep you informed of our plans or any changes that we need to make.

Thank you