COVID-19 Special measures

Mar 19, 2020

As we are working with a skeleton staff please note that we are only processing critical work. The office is closed to customers to avoid spreading the virus. An external post box is available if customers wish to hand deliver documents.

 Enquiries – please email instead of telephoning 

We understand this is an anxious time for lots of our customers and as a result we are receiving a high volume of telephone calls. However we ask that you email us instead of telephoning as we can get more critical work processed this way. 

If you have an urgent enquiry email us marking your email as URGENT, and explain the reason for the urgency. Email:

Contingency plans 

At the moment we have staff working in the office and at home. Our home workers will be processing urgent powers of attorney and urgent work relating to court orders. Home workers will be processing work electronically, this means there are changes to be aware of, as we have had to make some adjustments to be able to maintain services. 

So, what does this mean for you? 

Powers of attorney (PoA) 

  • Urgent PoAs received electronically via EPOAR will be processed as normal. This is business as usual, no change here.  
  • Urgent PoAs submitted by post will be processed electronically when 1) the registration criteria are met, and 2) where an email address has been provided for the sender or the granter. If an email address has not been provided we will attempt to contact the sender to obtain this.  
  • When we register the PoA this way, please note: 

    1.    We will email a PDF version of the certificate of appointment, and the copy of the registered PoA to the sender.

    2.    This certificate will be the same as the certificate we issue via the EPOAR system. It will have a crest watermark running through the certificate, as will each page of the PoA.

    3.    When the PoA is printed each page will require to be signed by one of the following people; the granter, solicitor, stockbroker, authorised person for the purposes of the Legal Services Act 2007.

    4.    If the granter or the specified person have not provided an email address, their documentation will also be emailed to the sender. So, the sender may receive three separate emails from us. We appreciate this is not ideal, however given the circumstances this is the best solution we can offer to provide this essential service to our customers. 

  • Where we need to process an urgent request for a revocation, amendment or resignation, the same style of certificate as mentioned above will be provided and the steps above will also apply.  

Guardianship and Intervention Orders  

We will be processing urgent court orders that have been granted, and any new applications for a court order. Other key ancillary processes, such as giving consent to selling property, will also be processed, if urgent.  

Please note that, when certificates of appointment are issued, these will look different and will not carry the red seal or be embossed. The certificates will bear the watermark crest and a statement explaining the reason why the certificate looks different.  

Thank you 

These are unprecedented times and we wish to maintain essential services to keep things moving. Thank you for your patience, understanding and co-operation during these times.