Step 2 - evidence

Information / evidence gathering

When it has been established that the adult concerned is incapable, our next step is to begin gathering information. We do this by contacting relevant people and reviewing documentation such as medical opinions, bank statements, financial records, receipts, legal papers etc.

To help gather information informal meetings may be set up with any of the parties involved, including the complainer or the person being complained about. We would not invite the complainer and the person being complained about to attend the same meeting.

The purpose of the meeting is to allow us to obtain factual information about how the adult’s property and financial affairs are being dealt with. We are impartial and non-judgemental and can offer advice and guidance relating to the management of the adult’s affairs. Notes will be taken of the meeting, and will be made available to the person interviewed if required.

Once all the evidence, information and interviews have been carried out, we will come to a view, as to whether or not the adult’s property and/or financial affairs appear to be at risk. Circumstances of the case will determine what action we take next.