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Our seminars and events

We are often asked to speak at events and attend meetings around the country to inform of our role and the options available for financial decision making under the AWI Act.

While we wish to offer an effective and comprehensive outreach service we need to ensure it makes optimal use of our resources in doing so.  To achieve we provide various seminars through the year rather than providing individual standalone information sessions to select groups.

OPG seminars:

We will be running information seminars in Kilmarnock on 7th March 2018. Attendees have the option of attending either a ½ day of full day.

The morning seminar is a general overview and will cover:

  • Role of the OPG
  • What is capacity?
  • Power of attorney; what is it and why make one? myths & common issues
  • Orders; guardianship or intervention order, which one? financial guardian’s duties, common issues, latest update on guardianship
  • Summary of the investigation remit;

Who is the seminar aimed at?

This would be relevant for anyone new to working with the Adults with Incapacity (Scotland) Act 2000 or those with limited working knowledge of the Act or for the more experienced staff looking for a refresher.

The afternoon seminar will focus specifically on financial abuse and the OPG investigation service, including:-

  • How to recognise abuse and how to report it
  • When can OPG investigate?
  • Investigation process; including safeguards and investigation outcomes
  • Practical group work session with case studies

Who is the seminar aimed at?

This would be relevant for anyone with an interest in the investigation function of the Public Guardian. This is a practical session which would benefit those with limited working knowledge of the investigation remit and also more experienced staff who have a working knowledge of the Act.

Cost to attend:–                                                                                 

  • Register to attend both seminars £185 + VAT (Public & Private Sector); £165 + VAT (3rd sector & Charitable organisations)
  • Attendance at just one seminar £99 + VAT (Public & Private sector); £89 + VAT (3rd sector & charitable organisations)

For further information please contact or to reserve a place please click onto this link 

Customer satisfaction

We engage with customers in a number of ways to find out how we are doing and what we need to do to improve. Customer feedback is important to us and helps us work towards getting things right. 


From time to time we run consultation exercises to find out what our customers think about the services we offer. You are welcome to contact us if you would like to participate in future consultations.

Examples of recent consultations:

Customer surveys 2017

Survey work helps us find out more about the customers experience of our service and it lets us see where we are doing well and what we could do differently or better. This area of work is important and valuable to us and we appreciate the time taken to provide us with feedback.

We have been piloting a combined version of the inventory of estate and management plan form. We carried out a consultation exercise with customers in June 2017. Although the results were informative and further exercise is to be carried out to gather more data from the professional group of guardians.