You said we did

Here at OPG we do take seriously the views of people who use our service. We have changed our service as a result of people letting us know their experience. Here are examples of what changes we have made and those we have agreed to work on.

You Said We Did Date
You said that the simplified account form wasn’t activated to allow it to be completed electronically. We reviewed this and agreed. We have updated the version and checked that all text boxes are working. Sept 18
You said that you found it difficult to find the ‘certificate of recognition’ on the website. We agreed and have now added this to the forms and publications section of the website. Sept 18
You said that you couldn’t find the link to our EPOAR facility on the website because the description wasn’t clear. We have reviewed this and have updated the call to action on the home page of the website so it makes it clear how to access the online system. Sept 18
You said that we didn’t provide sufficient information about our complaints process. We agreed and have updated our website content and the complaints policy. We now provide more information on the complaints process and how to go about making a complaint. May 18
You said that you experienced difficulties when trying to open PDF documents on our website. We have investigated this and sought advice from our web developer. We are unable to remedy the situation due to official support being removed by Google. Customers can save the PDF to their computer and have full access to it. We now advise customers experiencing difficulties to do this. May 18
You said it would be useful for prospective attorneys to have information about their duties and responsibilities before accepting the role. We agreed and have included a new section in the revised POA registration form and in the EPOAR attorney declaration form. This section outlines the attorney’s duties and responsibilities and thus gives the prospective attorney the necessary information up front ahead of them signing to state they are willing to take on the role. May 18