New PoA registration check from 27 January 2020

Dec 11, 2019

From 27 January 2020 we will be adding a new check to our registration process to ensure that we have due jurisdiction to deal with a power of attorney (PoA) submitted for registration.

Our new official registration form, required for postal submissions, includes four statements relating to the granter. The statement that applies will require to be identified:

  • The granter lives in Scotland
  • The granter has property in Scotland (e.g. a house, bank account etc.)
  • The granter does not normally live in Scotland and it is a matter of urgency to submit the PoA for registration in Scotland
  • The granter is present in Scotland and the PoA is needed on a temporary basis to make decisions limited to and within Scotland

In relation to postal submissions, we strongly encourage the use of this official registration form to ensure jurisdiction is recorded and checked. Customers are reminded to only send the completed pages of the registration form along with the PoA document and fee/fee exemption form.

The new official form is available from the website and may be used prior to 27 January 2020.

The EPOAR facility will also be updated to allow the same information to be provided for those wishing to submit their PoA electronically.