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Duties as a financial guardian

As part of our supervisory role we will expect you to fulfil administrative responsibilities. The diagram below outlines some steps that you may need to take, depending on the powers you have been given by the Sheriff and the decisions you need to make on behalf of the adult.


We provide a short leaflet for financial guardianship. You might find this helpful if you are looking for general information about what's involved. Further information about the duties of the guardian is also available from the Code of Practice issued by the Scottish Government.

We supervise orders dealing with money and / or the property belonging to the adult. We do this based on the information you provide in the documentation you send to us.

If we are unable to fulfil our supervision role because a financial guardian will not provide us with information when requested, we may run an Experian check.

Who supervises welfare guardians?

Welfare guardians are supervised by the local authority in the area where the adult lives. The responsibility usually falls to the local social work department.